TRAINING FOODS: Milk and Sugar Cafe

The garden burger and Milk and Sugar in Bay Shore.

The garden burger and Milk and Sugar in Bay Shore.

Today we head to Milk and Sugar Café, located about a quarter mile from the Bay Shore train station. Amid a neat row of shops huddled together on West Main Street, Milk and Sugar is the home-away-from-home a typical homebody like me craves. Walk in and immediately the senses are drawn to the cozy and calming atmosphere; comfortable armchairs create are next to built-in fireplaces that line the walls. This is the teahouse and cafe where elegant charm mixes with the warm and pleasant ambiance that is reminiscent of your good-old grandma’s house.

We arrive and opt to sit on facing sofas around a low coffee table. We feel at home and the boys are given the freedom to play around the table, seemingly always moving with their eternally busy little bodies with this newfound free rein they possess. Our waiter is kind and appreciative of the presence of young children among the midweek lunch-goers and is forever kind to the boys; a trait I consider invaluable with little ones in public.

The boys order the children’s pasta plate, which they split. I order the garden burger after learning that it is made in-house with wholesome and fresh ingredients. I am forever on a quest to see who makes the best, and always pleasantly surprised when one pops up on a menu and always make it a point to order. The boys are supremely happy with their butter-drenched pasta, and devour each bite with a sinful pleasure only butter lovers can appreciate. My burger and fries are exactly what I am in the mood for and fill me up with the goodness only a fresh homemade veggie burger can.

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The back of the café houses an enormous dessert display that rivals the lunch menu. This is one of those times when lunch doesn’t seem so much a necessity, as dessert looms within our grasp. Towering chocolate maddness, Granny’s blueberry pie and chocolate peanut butter pie swirl in our thoughts and we make extra trips to the bathroom in order to peer at the enticing goodies.

The café also owns the Victorian Room, directly across the street, which hosts private parties in the same comfortable environment as its counterpart.

We are filled with happiness from our café meal, though could have just as well been eating in the comfort of our own home. This is the true mark of the special qualities of this unique and inviting eatery. We leave the warmth and contentment of our sofas and set out back to the railroad to complete our day’s adventure.