TRAINING FOODS: American Cheese

Knowing that places like American Cheese in Sayville exist make my world happier. The charming, light and airy shop has the uncomplicated nature of being filled with some of the most delicious domestic cheeses in the U.S. We step off the train platform and head across to the store, surrounded in a small strip by other businesses. The quaint, brick storefront with a yellow awning calls shoppers to sample cheese and craft beer and wine.

The shop’s cheese case is a dynamic display: goat’s milk cheeses with names like Humboldt Fog and Truffle Tremor, and cow’s milk cheese such as Barely Buzzed add character and intrigue.

We choose to sit down at their lunch tables. Our lunch is lit by the bright sun streaming through the large glass windows that allow us to see each train pass. This delights the boys as they play with the collection of toys that is ever growing in my bag.

We order from their lunch menu, which is limited only size, definitely not in flavor or cheese appreciation. I order The Croque; maple ham and Robinson Family Swiss, complete with stone ground mustard and gruyere sauce. Divine and uncomplicated, it exceeds every expectation of flavor. The boys split a cheese panini and are delighted when each half arrives with chips and pickles on their very own cheese board.

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I speak with the owner, Erin, whose love for cheese began in California, where she studied for a master’s in environmental policy. For her, owning a cheese shop was a far off goal realized much sooner due to a happy, yet unpredictable turn of events. We are thrilled; the result is a charismatic cheese shop, eatery and retail location. Her enthusiasm and passion is evident in each tiny detail.

We love it at American Cheese. It’s the type of place one doesn’t come across every day. For us it is well worth the trip to experience the exceptional appreciation that has gone into all aspects of this alluring establishment. If you enjoy the supreme tastes in divinely chosen cheeses, this is one place not to be missed.