TRAINING FOODS: Relish in Kings Park


relish 105 merrie ober

Today we make the trek out to Kings Park on a recommendation from a reader. Relish is that sort of place where everyone knows your name and the appreciation for family is welcome. The boys run up the ramp to the entrance door. The parking lot is packed, and I almost regret coming on a weekend. We enter into a beautiful modern translation of an old school ’50s diner. A counter filled with guests and tables that wrap around the restaurant are all in a a flurry of activity. We are happily greeted and wait no more than 10 minutes before we are shown to a massive and sunny booth for just the three of us. Plenty of room to stretch out for the boys, I, now, am delighted at our choice to come on this day. It is evident from the surrounding groups, friends, and families that here it is uniquely open to its diners and all are welcome with open hearts. The overflow of people on a Saturday doesn’t deter anyone, in fact it seems the staff and hostesses revel in the comfort of the company that enters through the doors.

It is a haven for those who seek comfortable ambiance and delicious food lovingly made. Relish supports the surrounding area by locally sourcing as much fruit and vegetables as they can as well as offering free range organic eggs from the Raleigh Poultry Farm in Kings Park. I love them already.

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The menu is varied and unique. I choose the Pastruben on the recommendation of the waitress, who tells me she could eat this morning, noon and night if it weren’t so filling. The boys split an order of macaroni and cheese off the kids menu and delight in sipping their chocolate milk and apple juice and playing with their toys as we hungrily await our order. The Pastruben comes out as a decadent modification of one of my favorite originals. Corned beef and pastrami seem a marriage made in heaven when combined with sauerkraut, creamy melted swiss cheese and sandwiched together between fresh marble rye that has been grilled in butter; a salad rounds off the meal. I eat half the sandwich before giving up and take the rest to go. The boys devour the cheesy shells of pasta and munch and crunch on some of the best and well-seasoned fries I have had in recent memory.

relish 102 merrie ober

The motto of Relish is “a pleasurable appreciation of…food, family and life” and it is evident by their service and attention to their food. They feel this so much, their employees wear shirts adorned with “food, family and life.” This seems to serve as a reminder for themselves as well as their patrons to put these first above all else. The boys and I happily agree.