Edible Staff Favorites from 2015, Part I


Doug Young, photographer


Favorite Photo: from the travel issue of Miss Lille Hardy who works on Brothers Farm in La Grange, North Carolina. Chef Vivian Howard from the PBS show “A Chefs Life” and owner of Chef & the Farmer told me of how much Brothers Farm was a integral part of their story and insisted I should visit it. Pouring rain brought a fun spontaneous, portrait moment with Miss Lille, saturated with beautiful colors and light.

Favorite StoryRECIPES: From Katie Lee’s Endless Summer Cookbook
Photographing Katie Lee and her cookbook recipes was one of my favorite stories to be assigned this season. She proved to be not only a really sweet person who supports many local establishments but a great cook and teacher. Her recipes were delicious and simple and I learned some great tips by documenting techniques like ‘spatchcocking’ chicken and making homemade zaatar middle eastern spice rubs. We ate well that day!


Natalia de Cuba Romero, contributing writer

Favorite Story: I write Edible Long Island’s Ethnic Eats columns, and Eileen Duffy’s Artisans: East Coast Wood Barrels (Spring 2015) impacted me the most. The story of George Voicu, a Romanian refugee transplanting his skills as a traditional wooden barrel-maker into the New World wines of New York, has so much resonance: the tempering of wood with fire to make the staves pliable, then bending them and binding them tight with steel: it is a metaphor for the journey and the resilience and adaptability of all successful immigrants.

Ephesus Turkish Restaurant

Favorite Photos: I was overwhelmed by the images that Yvonne Albinowski took for my story the Real Housewives of Ephesus Mediterranean & Turkish Cuisine (Low Summer 2015). I spent a lot of time there; it was one of my favorite restaurants well before I did the story, so I loved how beautifully Yvonne captured not just the food, but the spirit of this special place.

Meghan Harlow, assistant digital editor

Favorite Story: The Youngest Bayman by Kelly Ann Smith. Before reading Kelly Ann Smith’s beautiful story, I had never heard of Amagansett’s youngest bayman, Will Bennett. Now, months later, it’s safe to say the 13-year-old has been living in my imagination ever since. His story as told by Smith conveys such a persuasive sense of place and legacy; it made familiar a foreign world, one that I hope to return to in 2016.

ELI-Final Cover-HighRes

Favorite Photo: Edible Long Island Holiday Issue Cover by Doug Young. Festive in a calm and quiet way, this is one of my favorite Edible Long Island covers. From the inclusion of garlic cloves among the greens to the gorgeous contrast in colors, there’s nothing about this image that I don’t love.

Erica-Lynn Huberty, contributing writer

Favorite Story: Back to the Ground: Barry Block Summer Innovation Issue.  This story has to be my favorite of the year because it’s the most important. “The doctor-patient analogy,” as Eileen M. Duffy writes about Block’s educational and environmentally sound landscaping business, is an absolutely vital concept for homeowners on Long Island to understand and practice.

EEE53 cover

Favorite Photo: Lindsay Morris’ cover of the rose hip shrub for the Holiday issue. It captures the beauty and color of the season and of the drink itself.


Eileen M. Duffy, editor

Favorite story: My favorite stories are from our new columnist, beekeeper Laura Klahre, who writes Notes From the Meadow. Finding a beekeeper who can, and wants to, write about such interesting things was the best addition to our raft of story tellers of the year. In case you haven’t noticed, she hasn’t written about honey yet. Beekeeping is not just about making something sweet, it’s about the pollinators who keep our flowers turning into fruits and vegetables. Think about what would happen if they didn’t.

Favorite photo: I have two, both with subject matters close to my heart: wine and dogs. The first is Randee Daddona’s portrait of Eric Fry in the cellar at Lenz with some very Lenz equipment. The second is when Lindsay Morris threw in an off subject in a series of portraits of chickens. Woof.



Eric Fry, winemaker at Lenz Winery in Cutchogue stands by rack and riddle cages used to produce his sparkling wine in the wine cellar. Photo by Randee Daddona