The Big Cheese Comes to Barrier Brewing

Barrier Brewery, Big Cheese

“We should do this all winter long,” was the sentiment in the Barrier Brewing tasting room almost immediately after the last bites of cheese and sips of beer were consumed. Barrier Brewing and Mark Cassin, aka The Big Cheese, are teaming up to bring their two passions together.

Recently we headed out to Barrier Brewing in Oceanside for an evening of beer, cheese and the delicious place where the two meet. Upon arrival each guest was presented with a welcome beer, followed by a cheese board. Though the tasting room at Barrier isn’t huge, it was packed full of patrons ready to eat, drink and get an education.

Prior to each “course,” there was a brief explanation of the beer, the accompanying cheese and why they chose to pair the two. It was lighthearted but educational, providing insight and history.

Barrier Brewery, Big Cheese

For us, the standout was Corpernacus, a cream ale paired with St. Stephens, a rich buttery triple crème cheese. When Cassin said the two would taste like a creamsicle together we were skeptical, but they really did create a delicious creamy fruity mix. Without exaggeration, this is probably one of the most complementary beer and food pairings we have ever tried—and that’s definitely saying something.

The St. Stephens also wrapped up the evening, paired with Lights Out, a peat-smoked stout. Though the two beers are polar opposites, the cheese was delicious with both. Plus, if you’re looking to put together a cheese board at home, it’s nice to have a few beer pairing options.

Since all parties involved enjoyed the evening so much, Barrier and Cassin will be continuing their beer and cheese pairings throughout the cold weather months. Check out the Edible calendar for future dates and ticket information.