Kids in the Kitchen in Northport

danyell's kitchen

There is still time to sign up for Creative Kids Cooking Classes, the latest venture at the community oriented Danyell’s Kitchen in Northport.

On December 8, kids will learn how to make carrot cake cupcakes with “pinkalicious” frosting. Under the guidance of chef and owner Danyell Miller, kids will make their own cupcakes, and while the cupcakes are baking, a family dinner of a variety of pastas will be served, followed by dessert.

The “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” class takes place December 22. Miller will teach the children how to transform raw ingredients to a cooked, finished product. Instead of working with raw meat, the kids will use beans and lentils. All the food made in the class will be served for dinner.

Other classes have included I Really Like Slop! based on the book by Mo Willems. As the children followed along with the book, they created their own “slop” and served it to their families. In the Pizza Garden class, kids learned about fresh ingredients for pizza making, as well as how they could plan and grow their own vegetable garden next summer.

Danyell’s Kitchen is working on a Go Fund Me. Check it out. 

“I was looking for ways to bring families together through food,” says Miller. “The series is intended to engage the family unit, enlighten the child’s mind around understanding foods, expand the palate, and explore the possibilities in cooking and creating.”

The cooking classes are for ages 4 – 11, and children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The class fee is $18 per child, which includes materials, instruction and a meal. Children will prepare the meal for family participants in the class. For the Pinkalicious class, there is a $10 additional fee for family members staying for dinner. For the meatball class it is an additional $8 per family member.

Wine, appetizers and other menu items will also be available for parents during instruction. Classes run on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 7:30 p. m.

Call 631.757.6700 to reserve a space.