The Best Part of Thanksgiving: Leftovers

thanksgiving leftovers beer loves company

The Gobblenator, perfect with pumpkin beer.

Our favorite Thanksgiving tradition is experimenting with leftovers. We love a carefully constructed plate of turkey and all the fixings as much as the next American, but eventually it gets to be a little stale. Plus, we always spend the post black Friday weekend pairing each creation with the last of our fall seasonal beers. Diet starts Monday, right?

The best part about cooking with leftovers is that it requires very little actual cooking. In fact, all you need for our favorite sandwich is a microwave and toaster, and of course a little extra food from your Thanksgiving feast. Let your stove and oven take the day off.

So first things first. You need to toast up two slices of leftover bread, or buy a loaf for the occasion. We like to go with nice, thick bakery rye. Once it’s a little crispy and warm, you’re ready to add the filling. Microwave mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, stuffing and a some corn if you’re feeling daring. Spread one slice of bread with a generous portion of mashed potatoes (with or without corn), then add a layer of cranberry sauce. On the other side, place a few slices of turkey and cover with a healthy portion of stuffing. Drizzle with gravy and carefully assemble your monster sandwich.

We like to pair the sandwich, affectionately called the Gobblenator, with pumpkin beer. On their own these beers can be too sweet, but here the spices and caramel work with the richness of the sandwich. No side dishes needed.