TRAINING FOODS: Maria’s Pastry Shop

Maria's Bakery Westbury

Maria’s Bakery Westbury.

I love early morning breakfast dates. A breakfast at a bakery is even better. For me, these mornings remind me of when, once I turned 16, I got my first job at the local bakery. My sister and I would peel ourselves out of bed each weekend to head out in the wee morning hours to open the door to the smells filtering out of the kitchen. Slicing bread, buttering rolls and fishing out the crème de la crème of the cookies and pastries that lined the shelves monopolized our teen years. This is why we choose to make an early morning adventure to Maria’s Pastry Shop in Westbury.

We are met at the door with a smile, which never leaves while we are here. The woman at the counter is attentive and is delighted to have such young patrons so early in the morning. The bakery is beautiful, clean and inviting. The shelves are lined with such amazing wonders the boys cannot contain their excitement. The aromatic scents of the baked goods collide with the wafting aromas that exude from the coffee bar. I am a huge coffee fan and I can’t decide where to begin.

We are here for breakfast, but the boys cannot take their eyes off the fall-colored cupcakes. After the past few weeks of colds, allergies and an ear infection, they are granted their sugary wish; I am simply happy to be here. The stools alongside the tables are inviting and the boys watch the cars that travel down Post Avenue inevitably on their way to work. We return from a quick trip to the bathroom to a table of the cupcakes and biscotti for me, atop china plates neatly nestled on small placemats.

The shop, which has been in business for 50 years, has been in its current location for the last three years after moving from across the street. The current owner has been familiar with Maria’s since his childhood and fell in love with its charm. It is no wonder he, like so many others, fall in love with Maria’s as we do today.

The boys devour their cupcakes and I, of course, share my biscotti with my hungry little friends. The woman at the counter lets the boys ring the pick-up bell and helps us with some French bread to go. We are told the cannolis are amazing and we put it on the list for our next visit. It’s a unique experience to feel so welcomed and at home in such a place. We look forward to a return trip as we continue on past the wonderful start to our day together.

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