Help Name a Beer!

The greengage plums for the stout came from Briermere Farm in Riverhead.

The greengage plums for the stout came from Briermere Farm in Riverhead.

Plums, roasted grain, cinnamon sticks and ginger sound like the makings of a spiced holiday bread. That may be true, but they’re also the main ingredients in our collaboration beer with the Brewers Collective and Edible Long Island. We brewed a couple months ago and it’s almost ready to be released along with the holiday issue of Edible Long Island—but we need your help naming it!

When we brew a beer at home, we usually sneak a few tastes while it ferments and matures. It’s not a glamorous process, and it typically involves standing in the garage and pulling a small sample into a cup or two. So when we tried the collaboration at the counter of Relish in Kings Park, we got a little taste the professional brewing life.

The beer pours a deep coffee brown and is full of sweet chocolate notes with hints of fruity cinnamon. Though flavorful, it’s also light, easy drinking and not too heavy on the alcohol. We could easily imagine taking a break from holiday shopping with a pint or two.

We will be celebrating the launch of Edible’s holiday issues—and the collaboration beer—at Relish on November 29. Details to follow, but before we release the beer we need a name. We figure The Brewers Collective Beer Loves Company Edible Long Island Plum Stout might be a tiny bit too long to fit on tap handles. Below are the top options, contributed by members of the Brewers Collective, Edible and us. Voting will run through Nov. 27 and we will announce the name prior to the release party. The 200th person to vote gets two free tickets to the release party.

Keep an eye out for party info, tickets will go fast. For now we can tell you that it will involve passed bites meant to complement our yet to be named brew and a couple others from the Brewers Collective. You won’t want to miss it!

UPDATE: We’ve already given tickets to the 50th voter. Will you be the 200th voter?