Inaugural Autumn International Brunch Series at the Watermill Center

When the regular brunch menu already includes irresistible treats like brioche doughnuts with brown butter maple glaze, Braeburn apple and leek pork sausage; a “town fry” with eggs, bacon, chili dust and fried oysters; and a burger topped with summer truffles, Brie, and pork rillettes, you’d better believe that even just reading a “special” rendition of it will be enough to send you into a food frenzy. The elegantly rustic fine dining venue Topping Rose House, is partnering with the Watermill Center this fall to knock socks off with creativity this fall — and that’s not just in reference to the chefs at this lauded restaurant.

On select Sundays through November, from noon to 2:30 p.m., the talented chefs of Topping Rose House will prepare unique menus that reflect the culture of the artists-in-residence at the Watermill Center. Diners can look forward to dishes influenced by the cuisine of the United Kingdom, where Oliver Beer hails from; Sweden, home of Cirkus Cirkör; Chile, Manuela Infantes’ country; and the good old U.S. of A., represented by Amy Khoshbin.

These talented artists are part of a collective of up to 20 groups or artists that “create collaborative works that critically investigate, challenge, or extend the existing norms of performance practice,” according to the official website of the arts center. Since it started in 2006, more than 80 residents have been hosted on our lovely and clearly inspiring East End, but this year will be the first that the public will be invited to support the program through a brunch series.

Reservations are required for each of the dates, and the per person donation is $75. The menus will be made available a week before each of the events, so diners will be able to pick and choose which country they’d like to “visit” as they support the arts.

International as it is, there’s still a substantial local slant to the brunches in true Topping Rose House tradition. All the produce will be from local Long Island farms, if not that hotel’s own farm. Seasonality will be another theme, and proteins will be sustainably sourced and organic, from meat to fish to poultry.

To make your reservations, visit the center’s site and click on the date you’re interested in. Remember, menus won’t be published until the week prior to the big day, so check in to see what piques your interest and make brunch—even more so—a meal that matters.

Scheduled brunch dates:

  • Sunday, September 27
  • Sunday, October 18
  • Sunday, November 8
  • Sunday, November 15