Give me ice cream at an old fashioned counter and I think I could be happy forever. There’s something magical about sitting at a counter mesmerized by the whirling motor of the shake machines as they churn delicious ice cream into a delightful frozen beverage.

We found this love today at Krisch’s in Massapequa. Originally founded in Brooklyn in the 1920s, Krisch’s came to reside at its current location in the mid ’50s. Everything from the décor, right down to the doo wop music that fills the background reminds diners of a simpler time and gives reprieve to the chaos known as life.

We enter on a quiet midweek day and the place is hopping. The return to school has done nothing to their lunchtime crowd. We sit at a booth near the window and the boys make themselves busy with their supply of cars. Too busy to be worried about ordering, they work on their construction site of ketchup and jelly containers, while I look at the menu.


With something to please everyone, the menu is friendly and boasts some delicious homemade quiches as well as their “famous burgers.” The boys are served their choice of peanut butter and jelly (they were not feeling very adventurous today) with the standard side of fries that comes with every kids meal. They, of course, are thrilled at this zany combination and eat to their hearts’ content. I order from their pretzel menu — I can never say no to a pretzel roll — and order their ham and Swiss with a side of coleslaw. I am delighted when it comes out hot and oozing, and the boys “borrow” my pickles.

We end our meal with ice cream at the counter. Both boys swivel happily in their chairs while watching the girl behind the counter fill their ice cream bowls. The homemade ice cream drips everywhere, some even into the boys’ mouths. We laugh at this before finishing our desserts. The boys leap off the stools, and we make our way back to the station. Krisch’s embodies the family experience, and we are happy to share it.

ice cream


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