TRAINING FOODS: Tweed’s Restaurant and Buffalo Bar


Today we go by train, in search of trains. We make the long trip along the north shore to the town of Riverhead with the main purpose of visiting the Railroad Museum of Long Island. Built in an old lumber mill, the museum has two locations: one in Riverhead and the other in Greenport. Visitors are encouraged to visit the first and then hop on the rail road to visit the latter. An amazing adventure for train lovers everywhere.

Visiting old trains and pressing the scores of buttons needed to work the mechanics of the large train set, helps work up an appetite. We take a walk into Riverhead, along their bustling and ever-developing main street, to find Tweed’s Restaurant and Buffalo Bar. The restaurant opened in 1896. This, of course, means that the bar operated during Prohibition, which adds to the historic allure of the place. The restaurant is a Long Island relic and stands proud of this fact.

The sign outside the entrance advertises outdoor seating, which we request and are led past diners and the magnificent mahogany and marble bar, which was built for the World Exposition in Chicago in 1893. We are led out down to two private booths surrounded by flower boxes and seated below emerald umbrellas draped with bulb lights. We are alone here and it turns into our own private dining room.


We seek refuge from the hot sun in the shaded backyard and are rewarded with the beautiful atmosphere as well as cold beverages while we wait to order. The boys’ one request is French fries, which are brought out as seasoned potato wedges, stacked up in neat construction beside their chicken fingers. I order a bison Reuben, on the suggestion of the server, and am delighted at its magnificent presentation. The meat is cooked to perfection, which enhances the bison’s robust flavor. The combination of sauerkraut, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese, seem to live in perfect harmony atop this tender meat. Tweed’s is proud of their use of bison on their menu, which is quite evident with this one dish.

Our day is filled with adventure and history and we leave for one last ride on the miniature train at the museum before we head for home.




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