TRAINING FOODS: Burger Shack in Lynbrook


We travel to Burger Shack in Lynbrook on our eating adventure today. This super small space is directly across from the station on Broadway. It’s one of those places that seem to fit perfectly into the small niche it has made for itself. It’s almost too small and can easily be missed, but the opportunity to eat here should be taken.

We go for an early dinner, like early bird special kind of early. So we have the place to ourselves, save the constant stream of pick up orders, which seems never ending; the shack is well known and loved by the locals. The name is perfect for this tiny establishment. The décor is fun and inviting. Where else does a smiling yellow minion greet you from a mural behind the counter? This place is youthful and cool and a far cry from the typical burger joints that can be found elsewhere on the island.   While it is novel and hip on the inside, the focus is on the food. It’s intricate without being pretentious; the ingredients are fresh and interesting.


We speak with the owner who believes anyone can make a really great burger, but he wants to make a superb burger. He does so by pushing the boundaries on toppings without compromising on the quality or integrity of ingredients. Case in point: a spectacular burger that sits next to some of the most incredible waffle fries.

The menu is extensive and very reasonable. Where else can you get a specialty burger for $3.50? (Check out the menu.) The beef is cooked to a juicy perfection I still can’t get out of my mind. The boys go crazy for the waffle fries as they soon disappear in an unwelcome void on my plate. John wants a hot dog, which is equally scrumptious and Daniel goes for the grilled cheese, but mostly fiddles around with the squeeze ketchup bottle on the table.

After we all sit in a resonating and satisfying silence. I want more, but know I’ll have to wait until for next time. I can honestly say that this is the best burger that I’ve ever eaten. I am happy that it is an adventure to get here, as if one ever pops up in my town, I may be in danger of a Burger Shack addiction.


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