The glass cases at Kilwins in Babylon survive the fingerprints of visiting children.

I am skeptical when someone tells me they don’t like chocolate. I feel A twinge of resentment; they have to be lying. I understand something being too chocolatey, or not caring for a chocolate variety. I, myself, don’t care for milk chocolate or white chocolate, but find the rich goodness of dark chocolate to be straight from the heavens.

This is why my idea of the perfect adventure outing should somehow involve chocolate. Our travels brings us to Babylon, to the supreme chocolate shop, Kilwins. The shop is a one of a chain that was brought to Long Island by the shop’s owner. The commitment to quality ingredients is evident in their attention to detail and by the delectable treats that neatly line the interior of the store.

The clean glass case house a monumental variety, all made in house, but not for long. Not five minutes into our visit, it started to resemble the forever fingerprint covered television in our living room, which just goes to show the boys make themselves at home. Each is delicately placed for viewing and reminds me of the sleek and orderly fare of the Parisian markets.


Ready to get on the train!

The friendly owner, John, tells us that they are highlighting marshmallows for the summer and assures me theirs are like nothing I’ve ever tasted. He recommends their deconstructed s’mores. These lighter than air marshmallows are enveloped in graham cracker bits and then drizzled with chocolate. Yum.

Daniel and John both choose dark chocolate covered pretzels. The perfect blend of salty and sweet, these treats are always too good to pass up.

We take our fare outside to the beautiful and tree-lined streets of Babylon Village. We sit on a wooden bench to watch the cars and the boys dig in. Soon they are covered in nothing but chocolate and smiles. We share the deconstructed s’more. The marshmallow is indeed something new, yet familiar, and we eat the entire thing in a minute flat.

Kilwins also serves their own ice cream, fudge and makes much of it right before your eyes in a charming display at the front of the store. We watch for a time before heading back to the train in our wonderful chocolate daze.


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