TRAINING FOODS: Seaford Farmers Market


The kettle corn is a big hit with the kids and parents.

When I lived in Paris, there was nothing I liked better than to make my way through the 11th arrondisement to the bustling Marché d’Aligre. From the fish market at the corner, all the way down the long strip of perfectly arranged fruit and vegetable stalls, the smells were intoxicating and the atmosphere exciting. I always left with a canvas bag full of the morning’s haul for around 15 euros. Many things made me sad when I left that beautiful city, but I think the one I long for most are my early morning trips to the market.

Years ago, we used to make the trip east for some of the sweetest peaches and ripest strawberries. Fortunately, over the past few years, there have been farmers markets popping up all over western Long Island. There has been a return to the appreciation of locally sourced and fresh products and there is no better example than the farmers market at the Seaford train station.


Pickle face. Horman’s Best has a lifelong fan in this kid.

We are fortunate to live only one stop away and make the trip early on Saturday for what promises to be the perfect way to begin the warm summer day. The market was born from a Seaford resident’s desire to bring produce closer to home and bring the community together. We are greeted by the crowd of  market wanderers who, like we do, meander through the lot and loiter at our favorite tents. We are all happy to pass the time sampling and chatting with the seller.

Everything here seems to be a “must hit” stall, but we especially love  the samples at Raquette River Baking Company. The chocolate cookies are exactly what any chocolate lover would crave and are a busy mother’s dream; delicious pre-made balls of batter travel directly from the freezer, onto the baking pan and are ready in 10 minutes. No guesswork and little time is needed to create these sinfully outrageous desserts.

The boys love the pickles made by Horman’s Best Pickles. John ate his own and greedily finish the rest of our samples, prying them from our fingertips. The giant barrels remain a mystery to the boys who cannot resist wanting to see what lies within and ask to be picked up for a peak.

Best of all, it seems, the boys are overwhelmed by the popcorn at Long Island Kettle Corn. Here I cannot resist plunging my hand in the bag for “one more bite” time and again. With a perfect balance of salty and sweet, these popped kernels seem too good to be true; I have to force my husband to take the bag away.

We love shopping here for the freshness and to support locally sourced items. The boys like it for the samples and friendly merchants. We greet the summer with this simple pleasure and appreciate it for its bounty and vow to return when we have our car to haul more than we can hold on the train.

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