TRAINING FOODS: Cornucopia’s Noshery

Mickey Mouse pancakes.

Mickey Mouse pancakes.

It’s not often I get moments alone with only one of my boys. The times I do, I cherish. So on a whim, John and I took off to Amityville and found the eclectic Cornucopia’s Noshery by chance. Across from the stately gazebo in the center of town, the restaurant is no frills and yet fancy; this eatery serves beverages in plastic diner cups and fruit salad in purple glass goblets.

Our attraction to the outdoor tables was affirmed by those already there. We made ourselves at home in the wide alleyway where the tables make a semicircle around a small fountain

Immediately attracted to outdoor tables, we ask those sitting if this is the place to be. The answer is an unwavering affirmative and we make ourselves at home. I love a place that has seating outside and am immediately drawn to the wide alleyway.

I order the necessary iced coffee and our friendly waiter engages my Johnny. He returns shortly with some crayons; John is thrilled and dives right in. I ask the waiter for his recommendation: The Veggie Goat, but, “only if you like goat cheese.” We must be kindred spirits.

The next recommendation is the home fries, which come with a warning: They are cooked in bacon fat. A warning? More like an enticement. He had me at bacon.  We order a pancake for Johnny, which comes with Mickey ears, strawberries for eyes and whipped cream. What a treat for a little boy. My own sandwich is delicious. The goat cheese oozes out from beneath the seeded bun with each scrumptious bite. I savor the hash browns and the moment with my littlest boy.

We head inside to pay the check and John is given a taste of gelato. Our adventure is complete, and we both leave happy. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch and with new hours allowing for dinner service, Cornucopia Noshery is a must visit for delicious comfort food and casual atmosphere.

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