5 Places on Long Island for National Lobster Day on June 15

Elizabeth and Rob Rizzo get ready to make lobsters at home.

Elizabeth and Rob Rizzo get ready to make lobsters at home.

June 15 is National Lobster Day and there are many ways to celebrate this delectable crustacean. Lobsters are considered to be a luxury food, but in the 1800s lobsters were so plentiful they were fed to peasants. One could walk down the beach at low tide and pick up a few! Since that is no longer an option, here are my five top picks for satisfying your lobster cravings this summer.

1. Jewel Restaurant, Melville — To my delight, well-known Long Island chef Tom Schaudel is bringing back Lobster Fridays. Starting on June 5, a prix fixe, three-course lobster fest will be offered every Friday night for $45 until the end of the summer. You will have a choice of a 2-pound steamed lobster with corn on the cob and potatoes; fettuccine lobster with corn, basil and tomatoes in a creamy lobster sauce; butter poached lobster with mushrooms, leeks, lobster risotto and white truffle oil or Be-Ju lobster roll made with crab, avocado, cucumber and soy paper. Whatever entrée you choose, you will also have a choice of soup of the day or Caesar salad to start, and a choice of blackout cake or strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

2. Trail’s End, Montauk — Are you looking for the best lobster bisque ever? I have been eating this delicious soup since vacationing in Montauk as a girl. This wonderfully creamy bisque with big chunks of lobster is served with a splash of sherry, in Montauk’s oldest restaurant. The building survived the great hurricane of 1938! This family recipe, which has been passed down for generations, is truly the best around.

3. Bridge Marina, Bayville — Lobster at a marina? If you have a boat in Oyster Bay, nothing more fun than riding across West Harbor and going under the Bayville Bridge to Bridge Marina for a lobster. Tie up at the small offshore doc; blow your boat horn and a launch driver will bring you to the marina. Enjoy waterside dining in your bathing suit and shorts and get a cold beer at the tiki hut while listening to country music. It’s a great way to spend time with the family, and enjoy a lobster and fries. If you are a landlubber, feel free to drive over.

4. Lunch, The Lobster Roll, Amagansett and Kerber’s Farm in Huntington — These two are tied for the best lobster rolls on Long Island. Who doesn’t love a fresh lobster roll in the summer? Both places offer outside dining, and use chunks of tasty lobster in their overstuffed buns.

5. Home — Let’s face it, lobster is messy, so I have to say one of my favorite places to eat it is in my own backyard. I serve mine with lots of butter and a baked potato with sour cream and fresh chives from the garden. If you have a problem cooking the lobster yourself (I just can’t bear putting them in the pot) then several fishmongers on Long Island will be happy to cook it for you, usually for an extra dollar or two. Jeff’s Seafood in Huntington has a nice selection of lobster sizes.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and celebrate! Summer is here and so are the lobsters. Have fun and enjoy!