The Chefs Corner Cafe


Mineola’s train station is a hub for commuters who use it to get into the city, to and from school at Chaminade, or simply to change their branch line to get them home. The constant bustle can divert thoughts from food. But when you come to your senses, Chefs Corner Cafe is the place to be.

At the corner of First Street and Mineola Boulevard, it is in the perfect place to watch the onslaught of commuters as well as those entering and exiting Winthrop University Hospital. Its simple brick décor and colorful artwork make it cool and comfortable.

The menu offers American dishes with a Latin influence using only the freshest ingredients that result in delicious and beautifully plated meals that rival the art on the walls. It’s an out of the ordinary brunch and lunch experience.

We visit on a Saturday and are able to savor brunch specials. Daniel asks for the pancakes, which come with sweet maple syrup and dusted with confectioner’s sugar. He gobbles them all up, which is a feat for him; recently he has been more interested in playing than eating. John has the eggs, which paired with the pancakes make for the perfect brunch time meal. My choice and recommendation is their eggs Benedict made with smoked salmon and creamy hollandaise sauce. This is delicious by itself, but it is laid atop a sweet homemade scone, sliced down the middle, turns it into a delectable memory against which all other eggs Benedicts will be compared.

Chefs Corner Cafe

While we eat, the staff rolls up the garage door window, opening the clean and trendy space to the outside. The breeze enters and for a moment, things are sweet and wonderful and our happy brunch is complete. That is, until John wants to walk outside and Daniel wants to use the bathroom for the third time. It was fun while it lasted; soon we make our way back to the station and look forward to our next adventure.

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chefs corner cafe