Training Foods: The Mediterranean Diner in Bellmore

Mediterranean diner

The Mediterranean Diner on Bedford Avenue in Bellmore.

As a Long Islander, inevitably I developed an love affair with diners. It’s one of those things you don’t realize you have until you move away for college to a place where the only food to be found at 2 am is at the WaWa.  We like to ride the short trip to Bellmore to the Mediterranean Diner on Bedford Avenue just a block away from the train station.

Family owned and operated since 1997, the diner seems to be a place where patrons are regulars and the line between family and guest gets blurred. Children are very welcome and on the Friday evening we visit, the place is bustling with them. The feeling is warm and the wait staff genial. No one bats an eye when Daniel dodges around the legs of a waiter, food stacked high on his hands, his reaction is more of a dance reflex than anything else.

kid eating spaghetti

There seems to be an air of appreciation for the diners and a desire to please them. The menu is ever changing to accommodate the likes and dislikes of their guests as well as food trends.

Try the turkey avocado wrap made with juicy turkey, pepperjack cheese and roasted red peppers with a tangy chipotle mayo sauce. From the children’s menu, Daniel chooses the spaghetti, a relatively new item in his eating repertoire, and John chooses the chicken fingers. Their greedy hands bypassing any hope for their utensils to plunder their way through to their eating objective. What cannot be missed is the Nutella banana ice cream shake. Chunks of banana float in a sweet cream and hazelnut and chocolate drink, a perfect ending to a delicious meal.

An extra bonus for vehicle-loving children is the car show in the train station parking lot, which is held throughout spring and summer; it’s hugely popular. The lot holds 300 cars, and a line of hopeful drivers waiting for a spot forms. These people are as passionate about their cars as we are about food.

At the Mediterranean Diner, it’s simply good food made by great people served in a comfortable and welcoming environment. What more can you ask?

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