House of Pickles

Pete Starr

Pete Starr in his new pickle store in Hicksville.

Long a fixture at outdoor markets and street fairs, Long Island’s own Pickle Me Pete is getting a permanent home.

Pete Starr, the former accountant and founder of the artisan pickle company Pickle Me Pete, says that after several years of taking his fresh barrel cured pickles to the streets, he’s glad to have a Hicksville-based headquarters as the command center for his operation. “It’s very different,” says Starr. “I’m used to dealing with lots of wind and getting sunburned, being as pale as I am.”

Starr says the storefront opening is good news for his loyal fans. “They don’t have to worry about where Pickle Me Pete is going to be next,” he adds. “Now he’s got a home.” Shop hours are Thursday through Monday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Starr says he’ll continue to be to be a presence at street fairs and festivals; the Hicksville store offers a convenient central location to sell, store, ship and transport pickles to festivals.

pickle me pete_02_TW Barritt

On Bloomingdale Road, the Pickle Me Pete shop is awash in bold emerald hues. Customers can belly up to a bar of barrels filled with Pete’s pucker-worthy, pungent treats, including the Half (New) Sour, Full Sour, Kosher Dill, Wasabi Sour, Bread & Butter Chips, Green Tomatoes and Ridiculously Spicy. Starr also sells sauerkraut and a selection of imported olives. And, don’t forget to check out the line of T-shirts and sweat shirts emblazoned with pithy pickle slogans. In the months to come, he plans to feature new items including a horseradish-flavored Bloody Mary mix, pickled garlic and baby corn.

“This store is going to be all encompassing,” says Starr. “Anything pickled I hope to have here eventually.” But, he acknowledges that it will take time to expand his product line. “As most of us know, pickles don’t happen overnight,” says Starr, “Unless it’s the half sour pickle.”