Koenig’s: Where to Get the Best Roast Beef on Rye

koenig's_06_merrie ober

The next station stop for Training Foods is Floral Park. I have always had a bit of a love affair with the town; my dad grew up here and my fond memories are innumerable.

The ride for us is long. We live on the south shore and a trip on the Hempstead branch line means a change at Jamaica; we welcome the challenge. We descend the long concrete steps into the heart of the town and cross the street to Koenig’s. Under the tracks, Koenig’s has been offering German fare to its patrons for more than 60 years. After tea parties and piano concerts at my grandparents’, it was always a treat when my dad went to pick up dinner and returned with a large brown bag full of Koenig’s sandwiches.

Not much at the German restaurant has changed since I was a kid — another reason to love it. Homey and comfortable, it’s so familiar And Koenig’s makes the ultimate roast beef on rye sandwich — a heaping mound of freshly cut roasted beef between fresh sour dough rye is a family favorite. It’s only available on the bar side, and only for lunch; perfect for a trip with the little ones. Dining out with small children can be unpredictable; I like to choose the noisier and less formal version of a restaurant. The large sandwich is always satisfying; we order one, complemented by delicious dill pickles, to split with some fries, and the meal is complete.

Not much at the German restaurant has changed since I was a kid — another reason to love it.

For our almost full stomachs, just down the road is the Tulip Bakery, where the aroma wafts into the street. Daniel chooses some cookies after some long thought, while Johnny naps in the stroller. Take your sweet to go and have a seat on the park bench at the end of the street. Situated between the railroad and the shops, The bench, between the railroad and the shops, is a perfect viewing station to watch the cars pass, planes fly overheard and trains rumble by — perfect for curious little ones.

As long as Koenig’s remains a favorite for all, it will remain a favorite of ours, and we gladly make the journey to enjoy it.

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