Bring the Kids to Massapequa Perk

I love coffee. I will drink any and all available coffee any time of day. So I can certainly say the best coffee I have had is at Massapequa Perk in, appropriately, Massapequa Park. This is where I trudge in the snow, or take a stroller at the first glimmer of spring.  And it’s where I chose to spend a quiet morning on my 31st birthday, two babies in tow, with nothing else to do all day until hubby walked through the door.

We no longer live in walking distance of this incredible caffeinated mecca, but it’s an easy train ride away. Massapequa Perk is more than a coffee shop to grab a cup of joe before making a train. It is a special place where the baristas are always happy to chat and where the late owner explained the coffees and teas with a fiery passion. It’s a place where quality ingredients are essential. It’s no wonder it’s a beloved place to many and a coffee haven for caffeine lovers everywhere.

We take our journey on one of the first warm days of spring. I order an iced vanilla latte; I cannot bear the thought of a hot beverage on such a lovely spring day. I decided long ago never to order a specialty coffee beverage with low fat anything and I urge everyone to do the same. The sumptuous experience is lost in anything less.

The boys’ eyes wander to the large world map on the wall. I secretly hope they are plotting future travel destinations. Daniel and John choose from the bakery case, a chocolate-chocolate chip muffin. You can’t go wrong with any of the breakfast pastries here, but my favorite are the blueberry scones. I order one and we take our goodies outside to soak up the sun on the bright aqua chairs that sit happily out front.  The beverage menu is vast; items range from a shot of espresso, to a wide variety of specialized teas, to Harry Potter’s Butterbeer.  The workers seem to have fun creating magic from something seemingly as simple as coffee.  My latte is rich, creamy and the vanilla essence heavenly. The boys eat their chocolaty pastries with a vengeance and watch the trains pass with equal fervor.

Coffee is an experience and here at Massapequa Perk, it’s truly an extraordinary one.

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