The Trattoria to Host a BYOBeer Dinner


Duck at the Trattoria


“Black and tan duck, I really like that. It’s duck braised in beer.” We do too, Steve.

Steven Gallagher, chef and owner of the Trattoria in Saint James, will be hosting a beer dinner this spring but he won’t be working with a brewery, sales rep or even style of beer. Instead, he will be hosting local beer appreciation group  — and anyone else who cares to join them — for a five-course tasting menu and bottle share.

The event was proposed by Andrew Luberto, chair of LIBME’s education committee, and Gallagher was immediately open to the idea. “I tried to do some food that I thought would go nice with beer,” says Gallagher. He also incorporated some of his favorites in the mix, including orrecchiette with house made sausage and pesto because “who doesn’t love beer and sausage?”

If you’ve ever been to a traditional beer dinner, you know each course is normally presented with a fixed, pre-selected beer pairing. This time, no beer will be provided by the restaurant; attendees are encouraged to bring a bottle or two to share. We have a couple things we’ve been saving in our “cellar” and are excited to break them out.

Seating will be communal, to maximize space and further interaction and sharing between guests.

The Trattoria is normally closed on Mondays, but they will be open April 13 at 7  p.m. for this special event. Tickets are $49 and can be purchased Eventbrite.