Coloring Eggs for Easter? Makinajian has Organic White Eggs


We like to keep it as organic as reasonably possible around here, which provides a challenge when it comes to Easter eggs. Most commercially produced organic eggs are brown (myth busting: brown eggs are no different nutritionally than white; they just have that crunchier healthier look), which is not optimal for clean bright colors when dying eggs, especially, if like us, you make a science project out of it. We use natural colorants, which are much paler than the tablets from the supermarket boxes.

Makinajian Poultry Farms to the rescue! They have fresh eggs, from free-range, organically raised chickens in sizes ranging from medium to jumbo (although farmer Michael Makinajian recommends not using jumbo because they are more prone to cracking) at $3.75-$4.75 a dozen (mediums are 3 dozen for $8.99). Not only is this third generation farm local (Huntington), the eggs are so fresh they are Grade AA, which I didn’t even know existed until Michael’s sister Christina Makinajian told me about it this weekend.

It should be noted that super-fresh eggs are somewhat harder to peel when hard-boiled because the membrane is stuck right to the shell wall, but plunging the eggs in ice water after cooking will help shrink that membrane away from the wall. Click here for more on perfectly hard-boiled eggs.

Farmer Michael Makinajian recommends not using jumbo eggs for Easter dying because they are more prone to cracking.

While you are at the farm — where kids can see a multitude of farm birds — consider picking up some organic Armenian Easter bread (similar to a challah in sweetness and texture) made by the Makinajian’s aunt Roubina Naltchadjian. They also have a natural Easter egg coloring kit from Glob, which Christina says made for some very pretty and unusual eggs when she tried it.

For more on natural Easter egg coloring using beets, blueberries, turmeric and rubber bands, visit my blog Hot, Cheap & Easy. I’ll  be trying a few new vegetable colors this year, so stay tuned for updates.

Makinajian Poultry Farms