VOTE: It’s That Time! Tell us Your Favorite Cover

We’re so itchy here at Edible. The spring issue is just around the corner (subscribe here to get it delivered) and it feels like it’s going to pop right up through the oh so closely thawed out soil just like the daffodils in my yard are straining to do. So it’s time for a little fun. Our cherished readers have strong opinions about the cover of the magazine. And we want to hear them. Tell us which you like best, and tell us why in the comments. Best reason wins a year’s subscription. Lay it on us!

  1. Bees Knees Cocktail by Daniel Gonzalez
  2. Mosaic’s berry smash cocktail by Doug Young
  3. East Coast Wood Barrels by Matt Furman
  4. Mosaic’s Lawn Doctor Cocktail by Doug Young
  5. Alejandro González’s Horchata by Doug Young
  6. Love Grace juice by Doug Young