Week One of Long Island’s Winterfest – Live On The Vine

Amy Helm and Tom Schaudel

Amy Helm and Tom Schaudel

Week one, of the six-week Winterfest – Live on the Vine, gets underway on Friday with no fewer than 22 distinct performances at as many venues in only three days. If only there were more hours and days in a weekend! This weekend’s full lineup is posted on the Winterfest website, but allow me to highlight some of the performances luring me to this East End this weekend.

Friday is a no-brainer. There is only one event scheduled; Vinny St. Marten and the Seeing Eye Dog Band at Hotel Indigo in Riverhead. St. Marten, blind since he was eight years old, is a soulful and inspirational performer who, along with his band, is sure to leave you wowed.

Saturday begins with a handful of early afternoon (1:30-2 p.m.) performances, followed by several late afternoon (4 p.m.) shows at some of our wineries. If you plan your afternoon, you could hit two shows before dark. Trying to catch more than one evening performances is going to be near impossible; five shows all begin at 6 or 7 p.m. Of the five, choosing between Amy Helm, daughter of the Band’s Levon Helm, and alternate rock band The Smithereens is going to be tough.

Sunday is chock-full with seven shows. A quick glance at the lineup and one performance stands out: Tom Schaudel and Mike Dorio at Waters Crest Winery. Chef Tom Schaudel is a dear friend and long-time friend of Edible East End and Edible Long Island. I profiled Tom in our 2013 digital launch. If you missed the story, In the Kitchen With Tom Schaudel, check it out now and get a glimpse into the raison d’etre of  Long Island’s chef-extraordinaire.

Take it easy Monday through Friday; week two of Winterfest is going to be just as jam-packed full of musical goodness!