DRINK: Upgrade Your Hot Cocoa Lickety Split


My son fell in love with our local coffee house Massapequa Perk‘s mint hot chocolate a few years ago. It’s thick and chocolatey and topped with clouds of whipped cream and everything a little boy could ask for on a cold day.

While nothing beats sitting together in Massapequa Perk’s cozy leather chairs discussing reptiles and math tests and soccer practice over cozy beverages, this year we figured out how to get a reasonable facsimile to tide us over at home and use up some of those candy canes and red and white mints leftover from the holidays.

Make your usual hot chocolate over the stove. Before you pour the cocoa into your mug, drop a round mint in the bottom. As the cocoa melts the mint, the flavor gets stronger. Or use a candy cane as a stirrer and it will gradually melt, leaving thin ribbons of red across the surface and delighting little ones. Your at-home cocoa will go from special to awesome in seconds.

Massapequa Perk
117 Front Street
Massapequa Park NY 11762

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