A December Full of Recipes: Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits • Danna Abrams


Kerber’s Farm, a Huntington landmark since 1941, reopened Labor Day weekend in 2013 after a spot-on restoration by owner Nick Voulgaris. Nick intuitively hired Danna Abrams, formerly of Momofuku Milk Bar, as his pastry chef and Danna set the egg sandwich world afire with farm fresh eggs served on her cheddar buttermilk biscuits. Danna is now the pastry chef at Black and Blue Seafood Chophouse in Huntington and we are eternally grateful that she has shared her celebrated biscuit recipe with us. Pro tip from Danna: “Keep the butter chunky and make sure oven is fully heated and they are super easy.”

Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits
Yields 10-12 biscuits
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 cups cake flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons sugar
2 teaspoons salt
3/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/8 teaspoon cayenne powder
2 sticks unsalted butter
1 1/2 teaspoons mustard
1 1/2 cups buttermilk
3 cups shredded chedder/ jack cheese

Pre-heat oven to 400º. Chop butter into cubes and chill. Combine all dry ingredients in bowl. Cut butter into dry mixture. Use pastry blender or forks. Do not over mix. Add shredded cheese, reserving 3/4 cup for topping. Add mustard to buttermilk. With hands mix into dry ingredients and mix until just combined. Roll out dough to 1-1/2 inch thick. Using biscuit cutter,  cut 10 to 12 biscuits. Chill for 15 minutes.
Bake on lined sheet pan for 20 minutes or until you can pull them up from sheet.