A December Full of Recipes: Mom’s Famous Sweet Potato Casserole ~ George Motz

Mom’s Famous Sweet Potato Casserole
Recipe by Sally Kovler, film by George Motz/Over Easy Films and hosted by Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube
In our summer issue we profiled George Motz, America’s foremost expert on hamburgers.  “In The Kitchen With George Motz” was not in the kitchen at all — it was outside, at the beach, where Motz schooled us in the art and science of smoking burgers. While Motz, a filmmaker, photographer and writer, has made a name for himself with his 2005 documentary film, Hamburger America, his culinary appetite is enormous. In 2007 he created the New York City Food Film Festival, which has now spawned offspring in Chicago and Charleston. He hosted a series on the Travel Channel, Burger Land, has directed, produced and filmed a series of films highlighting the cuisine of South Carolina’s Lowcountry and has a feast of other projects on tap with new production company, Over Easy Films. One such film, Mom’s Famous Sweet Potato Casserole, stars his mother-in-law Sally and her famous casserole.