Hot Chocolate’s Vegan Counterpart


Nothing says “summer” more eloquently than s’mores; one bite of these marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker treats is more than enough to send you back to summer camp, nights in front of a fire, or huddling over those last few embers of coal in the grill. Thanks to Sarah Sohn, founder of Sweet & Sara’s vegan marshmallows, and who was featured in our Holiday 2014 issue, this nostalgic experience is no longer lost to those who have chosen to eschew animal products.

Her s’mores have been hugely successful, along with the rice crispy treats that inspired her journey, but now that fall is upon us and winter fast on its tracks, it’s time to shine the spotlight on another seasonal marshmallow treat: hot chocolate.

Luscious, decadent and warming from the inside out, winter doesn’t seem quite right without this satisfying, nostalgic beverage. With the right substitutions, memories of mittened hands clutching a mug of the good stuff while one’s red nose breathes in the ambrosial fumes can be reality once more for our vegan friends. Sweet & Sara’s marshmallows can still be counted on to behave as those traditional white puffy squares when swimming in a deep bath of delicious, creamy chocolate.

So how does she do it?

Sara recommends Sjaak’s organic cocoa for the original, or Ghiradelli’s classic or flavored varieties. The San Francisco-based brand offers mocha, hazelnut and peppermint for those who like a little more pep in their cup, and almond or soymilk can do the trick as a dairy substitute. High-quality, complex cocoas like Sjaak’s and Ghiradelli’s bring to the table a richness that pairs well with the lighter, airier creaminess of almond and soy milk, and the marshmallow floating atop the cup recalls the lushness of the hot chocolates of childhood.

Of course, with so many options on the market, there are a million different ways to make your own rendition. Coconut milk, raw cacao, the addition of Demerara or raw sugar, vanilla bean or extract, cinnamon … the possibilities are endless. Just don’t forget that marshmallow to crown it with!

Wondering where to purchase Sweet & Sara’s vegan treats? All of Sara’s goodies can be purchased online or at these retailers across the country.