EAT: Limited Time Only ~ Local Candy Apples


Susannah Meinersman, left, co-owner of Bon Bons with her mother, Mary Alice Meinersman. Center choclatier Eric Lobignat. • Photo by Natalia de Cuba Romero

Crisp autumn apples are a joy on their own, but if you’re the type of person who likes a frill and a flourish, a bit of enhancement, an extra layer of sweetness, then Bon Bons Chocolatiers in Huntington Village, has the candy — or caramel, or fudge — apple for you.

These are not the sticky, sugary, lurid jelly apples you might find in the supermarket; they are the real thing: sweet-tart Macintosh apples fresh from Richter’s Orchard in East Northport and dipped in hard candy that’s cooked on the premises, says Susannah Meinersman, co-owner of Bon Bons with her mother, Mary Alice Meinersman.

A glowing red hard candy apple will light up a traditionalist’s heart, but caramel is another delicious dip and can be further amped with peanuts. “The fudge apple is my favorite,” says Susannah. “It’s dipped in soft chocolate fudge and is easy to eat and satisfying. It comes dipped in chopped walnuts also.”

The show stopper is The Triple, dipped in caramel, fudge and fall-colored sprinkles and perfect for a seasonal wedding or party.

We feature Bon Bons Chocolatier and its master confectioner Eric Lobignat in our Winter Issue coming in November, but the candy apples won’t last that long. Bon Bons will make them through Halloween weekend and then they are gone except for special order batches of 25 or more. So get your happy apples now.


Candied apples from Richter’s Orchard in Northport. • Photo by Susannah Meinersman