Fall Picnicking With Local Wine


Fall is a great time to go on a picnic. It’s not so hot, there are fewer bugs, and there are lots of fun places to visit and set up a blanket and picnic lunch. My choice for this fall was Roanoke Vineyard on the North Fork. Pair your sandwiches with a delicious bottle of red wine, my Roanoke favorite, Bond, a red blend.

Does making individual sandwiches for your group seem tedious? Here’s a quick and easy way to make several fabulous tasting sandwiches without much fuss.

Instead of dragging out a loaf of sliced bread, pick up two long, French baguettes. Carefully cut each one length-wise. Spread the bottom of the first loaf with honey mustard. Make it yourself using equal parts Gulden’s Mustard and honey. Mix and store in a squeezable container so you always have it on hand. Once the honey mustard is on the bread, add a ½ pound sliced honey-glazed ham. On top of the ham add slices of brie cheese. Put the top of the baguette back on, and cut in half and then in thirds until you have six equal pieces.

For sandwich number two, mix a handful of chopped, fresh arugula with several tablespoons of mayonnaise and one small, finely chopped shallot. Add salt and pepper and spread evenly over the second baguette, after carefully cutting the baguette in half length-wise. Top the arugula mayonnaise with a ½ pound of sliced smoked turkey and then add fresh arugula leaves. Place the top of the baguette over the arugula, and slice as you did the ham, brie and honey mustard sandwiches.

In just a few minutes you’ve made a total of twelve sandwiches! Want something crunchy and fun to go with your lunch? Add Greenport’s Vines & Branches homemade truffle popcorn. Simply irresistible.