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Bon appétit!
Ith gu leòir!
¡Buen provecho!
Smakelijk eten!
Bom apetite!
Dzidzia wie!
Guten appetit! *

No matter the language or the formality, extending a wish for a good meal is a global practice. Thanks to our cultural and ethnic diversity, Long Islanders do not need a passport to hear such multilingual niceties. While Queens County is universally known to be one of the most ethnically diverse urban areas in the world, Nassau and Suffolk counties boast a wide range of casual eateries, high-end restaurants and markets from every corner of the globe. With the exception of a pictorial trip to Tulum via our photo editor, Doug Young, in this, our travel issue, we traveled to five different continents; eating, drinking and soaking in local cultures and did not collect a single stamp on our passports.

Starting our journey in Huntington Village, Ethnic Eats zeroes in on the flavors of Afghanistan, Argentina, Portugal and Thailand, all within a few blocks of each other. As writer Natalia de Cuba Romero rightly points out, “If your army travels on its stomach, it should be traveling in Huntington Village.” Belgian cuisine, and its devotion to moules et frites, is in the spotlight as T. W. Barritt goes in the Back of the House at Waterzooi Belgian Bistro in Garden City. Su-Jit Lin-DeSimone spent a day In The Kitchen with Alex Lee, one of our islands more storied chefs. From his Long Island childhood to chef de cuisine at Daniel Boulud’s Daniel to his vegetable garden at the Glen Oaks Country Club, Lee is a down-to-earth sage who views the culinary world through a multicultural lens.

Furthering our sojourn, we prepped for Oktoberfest by dropping in at the Forest Pork Store in Huntington, sampling some authentic German wursts and Plattduetsch Park Tavern’s biergarten for some brewed-on-Long-Island Kölsch-style beer. We ate fufu and jollof rice at Taste of Africa and sipped Chinese Pu’er tea at Sip Tea Lounge. Do Scotch eggs leave you gobsmacked? We take the mystery out of this quintessential British delicacy and share an easier-than-one-would imagine recipe.

Welcome to our fall travel issue of Edible Long Island. Dig in!

Betsy Davidson,

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*French, Farsi/Dari, Scottish, Spanish, Flemish, Cantonese, Portugese, Thai, Twi, German