Tasting Tulum


The open kitchen and carefully selected local ingredients make Hartwood a special culinary experience. Chef Eric Werner and his team operate both a wood-fired grill and oven, creating a distinctive taste in the cuisine.


From top left: Fresh juice cocktails served with sugar cane stirrers begin the meal at Hartwood; grouper tacos at Zamas; roadside taqueria stand in the puebla, red snapper, a common catch of the day at El Camello; no shortage of habanero peppers and fruit!

Biking through town, known as the Pueblo, or along the beach is the best way to get around. Lots to take in. Slow down and eat.


Tulum’s ruins and its cliff lined beaches are the most scenically beautiful of all Mayan archeological sites.


Frutas y verdures stands with colorful signage.

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