Schultzy’s Clambake Buckets: Ready-to-Go Briny Goodness



Love the idea of a traditional Long Island clambake but cannot envision yourself pulling off the whole time-honored rigmarole? No worries, a resourceful North Shore bayman has your back.

Meet Bayville’s Jim Schultz, entrepreneurial clammer and proprietor of Schulty’s Fresh Seafood Caterers. A bayman by day and and after hours caterer, Schultz has been digging, shucking and serving raw shellfish and sumptuous clambakes for years. The recent marketing of his ready-to-go clambakes in a bucket caught this bayman’s wife’s attention. If only I had thought of this idea first.

I offer you Schultzy’s Cuddeback Clam Pot: 72 fresh littleneck clams, lemon, butter, celery and onions in a galvanized pot with lid. Simply add 2 cups of water, beer or wine and place the pot on your stovetop burner (or outdoor grill). Steam for 15 minutes and enjoy (serves 2-4). Easy peasy. As man cannot live by clams alone (although in my home, we have tried), Schultz also has the New Englander clambake bucket which contains two 1-¼ pound lobsters, 24 littleneck clams, four potatoes, two ears of corn, lemon and butter – an entire clambake in a pot. How about the Bumpy Special, which is similar to the New Englander, but also includes four sausages, two hotdogs, two sweet potatoes, onions and some special secret seasoning. Other combos include the Drunken Mussel Pot (mussels, butter, garlic and seasonings), Aleutian Islands Basket and, coming soon, the Blue Chesapeake (blue crab, mussels, corn, potatoes and seasonings) and NOLA Bucket (clams, shrimp, Andouille sausage, corn, potatoes and seasonings).

All this portable briny goodness can be delivered if you live north of the LIE, between Port Washington and Huntington. Friday orders must be placed by 5 p.m. on Thursday and Saturday/Sunday orders by 5 p.m. on Friday. Not your neck of the woods? Schultzy’s clambake pots can also be bought at the Port Washington farmers market on Saturdays and at Center Cuts butcher in Roslyn.

Word to the wise, the early bird gets the clambake pot!