Our Montauk Shandy, a Summer Refresher


Beer purists might cringe, but we happen to think that our Montauk Shandy is a spot-on cocktail for a sultry summer afternoon or evening. A shandy is half beer, half lemonade and 100 percent refreshing. Sourced from “The End” of the East End, we blended Montauk Brewing Company’s Driftwood Pale Ale with homemade lemonade and came up with a simple antidote to the dog days of summer. Want to really East End it? Try using Sweet’Tauk’s Oh My Meyer Lemonade.


Montauk Shandy
serves 2
1 12 oz. bottle pale ale or lager (we used Montauk Brewing Company’s Driftwood Pale Ale)
1 ½ cups lemonade
Cayenne pepper and salt
Half a lemon

Garnish a pair of double old-fashioned glasses with a rim of squeezed lemon and then dip into a mixture of cayenne pepper and salt. Fill each glass halfway with beer and then fill all the way with lemonade. Gently stir. Finish with a slice of lemon.

Montauk Brewing Co,

Visiting Montauk this summer? Be sure to stop in to Montauk Brewing Company’s tasting room, at 62 South Erie Avenue, to say hi and have a cold one.

Montauk Brewing Co_Niko Krommydas