Skip the Tie; Dads Like Beer, and Beer Gear



We are auspiciously blessed to have as many craft breweries as malls in our neck of the woods. So, come this weekend, instead of heading to the mall to pick out yet another necktie for dear old Dad, hightail it to one of our local breweries for a gift for your beer-loving Pop.

The obvious first choice would be a growler full of your old man’s favorite brew. Not sure what he likes? No worries, as you are shopping in a tasting room and can sample them all. Most 64 oz. growlers will run anywhere from $15 to $20, and can be refilled. Port Jeff Brewing Company sells two sizes: 32 oz (pictured above) and 64 oz. Other local breweries that will fill growlers include Barrage Brewing Company in Farmingdale, Barrier Brewing Company in Oceanside.

As they like to say at Blue Point Brewing Company, “Man cannot live by beer alone. He needs some really cool stuff to go along with it.” In addition to growler fills, some breweries also sell some of that really cool stuff. Blue Point’s shop is fully stocked with everything from hats and hoodies to tap handles and dog leashes. Port Jeff Brewing Company can have Dad styling in their hats, tees and hoodies. At Great South Bay Brewery they have emblazoned their nautical flag logo on everything from tees to insulated growler bags. We love Blind Bat Brewery’s logo; it looks great on a simple tee shirt or watch cap (available at the Northport Village farmers market on Saturday). Or, head to Oyster Bay and pick up a tee shirt or hoodie from Oyster Bay Brewing Company.

Further out east, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, with its whale-shaped map of Long Island logo, sells some sweet tees, hats and even a flag for Dad’s boat. Want your pint glasses to match your hoodie? Montauk Brewing Company has both. In Riverhead, Crooked Ladder Brewing Company stocks both hats and tees. For the dapper, moustachioed father, Moustache Brewing Company, also in Riverhead, has fun tees, hoodies, hats, pint glasses and mugs. Lastly, for more formal wear, Long Ireland Beer Company has a sharp looking polo shirt bearing their embroidered logo.

Cheers Dad!