Sign up for Meat Shares from Spring Lake Farm

cows in a pastureCows on Spring Lake Farm in Delaware County.

Ulla Kjarval’s family has been raising pastured pork, lamb, poultry and 100-percent grass-fed beef for well over 30 years at their Spring Lake Farm in the lush valleys of Delaware County in upstate New York. Having sold to buying clubs in New York City, Kjarval and her teacher husband recently moved to Long Island and decided to start a club, Long Island Meatshare, offering her family’s pastured and grass-fed meats.

Although her dreams are to farm with her parents and continue to live upstate, Kjarval still feels like a valuable team member helping to forge new relationships and marketing her family’s product while living on Long Island. A true family affair, all three of her sisters work in marketing Spring Lake Farms meats, including one sister who created the beautiful logo for Long Island Meatshares.

“There is so much potential to connect farm products to consumers down here on Long Island,” says Kjarval. “Unlike our New York City customers, Long Islanders have more space and can store more frozen meat. A chest freezer isn’t that expensive, and now they are extremely energy efficient. Our meats last up to a year in the freezer, and I store them myself for even longer, so a family can save a lot of money by purchasing a share of an animal.”  Long Island Meatshare is currently offering 1/8 beef shares and ¼ pork shares. “All of Spring Lake Farm meats are hormone and antibiotic free. There are also a lot of health benefits in eating grass-fed and pastured meats, because they are higher in heart healthy omega 3s than conventional meats.”

If you are searching for a more efficient way of purchasing meat directly from Spring Lake Farm, the club is hosted on – Kjarval enjoys meeting and getting to know all the people who buy her family’s meats. If you would like to e-mail her directly you can do so at, then you can enjoy the benefits of knowing where and how your meat was raised.