Barrage Brewing Working to Open Tasting Room

Steve Pominski of Barrage Brewing

Steve Pominski and his son Adam, sole brewers of the newly opened Barrage Brewing in Farmingdale, have been working around the clock to get their beer to local bars and restaurants, as well as filling growlers at the brewery. However, they still find themselves constantly answering the same question: When is the tasting room going to open?

Though there were always plans to build a tasting room, feedback from customers prompted construction to begin a bit sooner than expected. “I want to bring my wife, but she doesn’t feel like standing around” was a comment that stuck out and really pushed Pominski to start work, all of which he is doing himself with close friend Al Nappi. Instead of coming in, grabbing a growler and being almost forced to leave because there is no place to sit or relax in the hot brewery, patrons will now be able to sample flights before deciding which beer to buy. Having a tasting room will not only give customers a place to hang out, it will also allow for more brewing, as production is currently halted during the hours Barrage is open to the public. The tasting room will make Barrage a destination rather than a stop off. “Just like the winery tours,” says Pominski, “we would like to be a part of the beer tours that have started”.

One of the standouts currently on tap is Citralization, a 6 percent abv American pale ale in Barrage’s new single-hop series. As a self-proclaimed “hop head”, Pominski is showcasing the impact hops can have on a beer; the only recipe difference in each version will be the hops used. The citra hops used in Citralization impart fresh, citrus flavors making it one Pominski would like to enjoy “sitting out back by the pool on an 80 degree dry day and just relaxing”.

The road to Barrage Brewing — the name spawned from a bar built by Pominski in the garage of his family home — was not an easy one, as a last minute $18,000 sewer bill threatened to derail the operation. A successful Kickstarter campaign helped the doors open in January and the brewery now fills growlers from 1-5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Once the tasting room is complete, which Pominski hopes will be by the end of May, they will add Friday and possibly Thursday hours to accommodate those who work in the bar and restaurant industry. Keep checking for a grand opening date and Edible Long Island for our coverage of the festivities.  Pominski knows this next chapter of Barrage will be a challenge, yet is excited to get more people through the doors to try his beer, saying “A friend tells a friend they have to try Barrage. That’s the best advertisement in my book.”