Mother’s Day Locavore Pride

Joe Frogs

I have three great kids and two perfect grandsons. All three of my children are selflessly serving their country. To say that I am proud doesn’t begin to express my feelings. Yesterday my youngest, Joe, kicked that pride factor up a few notches.

Joe is an ensign in the United States Navy. He is a student naval aviator currently stationed at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas. Joe lives off base in a house that he shares with several other ensigns. Preferring to cook his own meals, rather than subsist on the wide array of takeout options available, Joe, at the age of 23, has become quite comfortable in the kitchen. With just a few quickie tips via text or phone from me, Joe has mastered chili, roast turkey with sides, meatloaf, meatballs, chicken cutlets and he even has a few signature dishes to call his own. As a Mom, I rest my head on my pillow, secure in the fact that Joe eats well (it’s those solo flights that keep me tossing and turning).

Saturday evening, on my way home from an inspiring day at the 2014 Edible Institute at the New School, Joe literally blew me away with a photo and text that simply said, “ribbit”. He has gotten to know his local butcher and on Saturdays, when he has a bit more time, likes to experiment preparing some of the Gulf Coast’s specialties. Last night’s dinner was frog legs, deep fried (it is Texas, after all). “The butcher has some pretty cool stuff, so I’ve been trying to branch out a little,” texted Joe. Boldly preparing frog legs without a recipe, Joe explained this morning, “I used a local corn meal and ate them with a local craft beer, Saint Arnold Summer Pils. It was awesome.”

Nothing could be more awesome than the realization that I have inspired my offspring to be food adventurers and to explore a world full of tasty local food and drink. Happy Mother’s Day to me.