Ladie Sadie’s Organic Gardening for Hire

Sarah Nuhmeyer in greenhouse with hat and watering can

Spring has sprung … or so it seems. As we gratefully see off the harsh bite of winter’s last frost, we go through the lists of what must be done. It’s time to dust off the hoes, go through the seeds, till the soil and fix the leak in the hose. Experienced gardener or not, the preparation can be overwhelming. Thanks to Sarah Neumeyer and her passion for all things green, you might just make it through the whole list before the first tomato blushes and still have time for a homegrown mojito!

Whether it’s help assessing your soil, planting seedlings, trimming hedges, weeding by hand or harvesting beans, Ladie Sadie’s Organic Gardening can help. Neumeyer travels from garden to garden throughout Long Island offering consultations, teaching children and elders and growing herbs for restaurants from spring to autumn. If you’ve always wanted homegrown vegetables but haven’t had time to take care of a garden, Neumeyer has your back. Her gardening and landscaping is 100 percent organic and is rooted deep in her desire to share compassion through horticulture. Her beautiful roses and pungent herbs speak for themselves.

For more information on Neumeyer and her services, visit Ladie Sadie’s Organic Gardening