Danny Macaroons, Not Your Grandmother’s Macaroons


Great Neck native Danny Cohen, founder of the widely successful artisanal macaroonery, Danny Macaroons, has stolen the hearts of people across the country with deliciously light and fluffy coconut cookies in flavors such as hibiscus, s’mores, salted caramel, maple pecan pie and more. Food & Wine named the macaroons “Best Store Bought Cookie’ and O Magazine listed them a favorite “Easy Cookie Recipe”.

Danny won New York City’s Smorgasburg’s People’s Choice Award and has attracted the praise of big names such as Danny Meyer, Martha Stewart, Art Smith, Padma Lakshmi and many others. His cookies are sold all over New York City and Chicago, from Bergdorf Goodman and the Whitney Museum, to Fresh Direct, Birch Coffee, Irving Farm, Gimme’ Coffee, to Long Island’s Go Greenly in Roslyn and many more locations. They are a true testament to how addictively delicious macaroons from Danny Macaroons are.

Danny Macaroons 3_MollyYeh

“There’s something about making people happy via food that resonates with me on a much deeper, visceral level,” says Cohen. “The idea that someone chooses to purchase and then either eat or, better yet, share a macaroon specifically because they want to enjoy or spread joy is very powerful. We’ve all known the satisfaction of eating a delicious meal or tasting the best food we’ve ever eaten. But, think for a moment about the other side of that transaction, about the feelings of the person, or people, who created that food for us. It’s intensely satisfying to have people go out of their way to consume something you’ve created. The motivation to continue to improve and to share the macaroons with a broader audience stems directly from this idea.”

Cohen, his cookbook, and the evolution of his business encompass an awesome and rather rare story. Wonderfully, this tale is filled with scrumptious food recipes, a unique business launch (from media to macaroons) and delightful gluten-free cookies that people can’t get enough of: chocolate stout, spiced pumpkin, bourbon, salted caramel, jam-filled and more.