Our Spring “Innovations” Issue Has Hit the Streets! (And Your iPad)

ipad and iphone with ELI3 cover

Spring has sprung and with it, the latest issue of Edible Long Island.

In our spring “Innovation” issue, we are reminded that Long Island has always been ripe with an entrepreneurial spirit and a can-do attitude. To that point, I would like to offer a few teasers from this issue:

More than 100 years ago, a Greenlawn housewife, Mrs. Christine Frederick, decided kitchen drudgery was getting the best of her. Perhaps emboldened by the suffragette movement of the time, she transformed her kitchen and home into the Applecroft Home Experiment Station, streamlining kitchen design in the name of efficiency. Fast forward to today’s kitchen, and we find the inspiration for the efficient, streamlined and ergonomic kitchen gadgets manufactured by Savora Style came from a designer/engineer who hailed from the automotive industry (and had a fondness for Gilligan’s Island — seriously).

What do a New York State Park, a CSA farm and a local restaurant all share? Answer: a bountiful farm-to-table synergy that highlights the resilient can-do attitudes of the people and organizations involved. Bren Smith, a former commercial fisherman from Newfoundland, is a singular personification of resilience. Discouraged and disgusted by the commercial fishing industry, he reinvented himself and is now farming sustainable, edible and highly nutritious kelp in Long Island Sound.

Chef co-owners Philippe Corbet and James Orlandi at Roots Bistro Gourmand in West Islip are dually honoring culinary tradition while blazing new gastronomic trails at their rustic south shore eatery. A bit further east, at Ms. Michelle’s Urban Gourmet, Michelle and Chris Kelly are redefining gluten-free baking — one bite and you will not miss the gluten!

Spring forward with Edible Long Island as we salute the innovative community that feeds and inspires us.

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