Savora Style: Innovation and Design


Savora, a division of Lifetime Brands in Garden City, is quickly raising the bar with its new, high-end line of innovative kitchen tools and gadgets. Created in sleek designs, bold colors and shiny chrome, these once ordinary kitchen gadgets are literally turning heads.

The brainchild behind this innovative line, which features a garlic press, vegetable peeler, rotary grater, oil mister, ice cream scoop and can opener, is Sid Ramnarace, a former industrial designer specializing in cars. One look at these striking tools, and you can clearly see where Ramnarace’s inspiration came from.

Looking to expand Lifetime Brands back in 2012, Ramnarace and his team did studies on where they compete in the market and where their presence was known. For success, they needed to grow outside the borders of North America. What product could they create that would be compelling and different and that could stand out against a competitive global market?

In order to be clearly unique, they developed an archetype, basically a series of attributes and characteristics that are applied to a product as a means of developing that product. The archetype they chose was Ginger, taken from the iconic 1960’s TV show Gilligan’s Island. The products had to be romantic and alluring like Ginger. By using this archetype they could create an attractive, entertaining and striking kitchen tool very different from anything else already on the market. It had to not only stand out visually, but it had to be innovative, highly functioning, durable and affordable. Soon, the Savora collection was born.

Ramnarace’s approach was to take his knowledge of product design and apply it to housewares. His team looked for inspiration in contemporary design, everything from automobiles, to fashion, cosmetics, shoes and even flowers. Each item comes in a variety of eight bold colors to choose from.

“The idea here is to have a very fashion-forward and very trend-conscience line,” states Ramnarace, “and by virtue of the color, it gives the secondary level of engagement that we’re finding appeals to both men and women. They’re bold and much different from what you see out there. Combined with the chrome, it’s just a really good look.”

The garlic press can crush five cloves of garlic at once. The can opener, with its ergonomic handle, features a three-in-one design that is a can opener, bottle opener and integrated opener for twist-off bottle caps. Some of the newly created items, include barware (modeled after a calla lily), a box grater (modeled after a ladies’ high-heeled shoe) and a pizza wheel (modeled after a motorcycle).

The Savora collection is highly artistic and functioning, and is a great alternative to wine, when used as a housewarming gift. Savora can be found in Bloomingdales, gift stores and museum shops as well as online at