Nourished Living With Tina Annibell


Her “girls,” as she so lovingly refers to the eight laying hens that inhabit the coop, have allowed Annibell to be even one step closer to where her food comes from and the quality of food that she eats, and shares.

When she left the mortgage industry behind nearly seven years ago to transition into a life-changing career as a holistic health coach, Annibell knew that there was so much more in this world for her to dig her eager hands into. Soil, for one, had become a familiar place of grounding as she recalls gardening since the age of four. She knew that beyond growing her own food, and the self-prescribed holistic rebirth she found for her own mind, body and spirit, she wanted to share her passions, be of service to others and help change the world. She found her place at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, earned her certification and established her practice Nourished Living in 2007.

Nourished Living, Annibell’s private holistic health coaching practice, focuses on the principles of self-care through food, which includes individualized diet assessments, meal planning, farming practices, food education and cooking classes. She emphasizes the role of food as a starting point on their journey to their most balanced, happy and healthy selves; a journey she herself began nearly a decade ago.

“After suffering from a chronic illness, taking over-the-counter meds and pharmaceutical drugs and suffering through their side effects, I accepted that conventional medicine was unable to help me,” Annibell says. “At that point I made the decision to take my recovery into my own hands.” Certified as a master gardener through Cornell Cooperative Extension, Annibell has incorporated her passions and skills into quite a collaborative full-circle effort, as Nourished Living offers so much more than health coaching. Classes on organic gardening, group-led spring cleanses, winter revitalization workshops, food and lifestyle transformation groups and cooking classes are some of the other ways Annibell feeds the souls of those that are hungry and eager for change.

“My clients love my girls, and my garden. After a session, we walk from the cottage to the garden together, where I harvest a garden goodie bag for them to take home. They get to see how things grow. I explain different ways to prepare the food I give to them and send them home with recipes. They really love it and so do I. It brings together the idea of enjoying local, seasonal foods as part of a healthy way of living and eating.” With her garden in full spring swing, Annibell shares with us a meal she has prepared with foods harvested in her own backyard. “Eating local, seasonal foods is a super-simple and powerful strategy for improving one’s diet and health. This tartine is a lighter meal, perfect for this time of year. The protein and healthy fats in the avocado, peas and eggs satiate our hunger and keep our blood sugar stable for hours, which means more stable moods and energy levels as well as less cravings.” Excited, she continues, “There’s something sublimely gratifying about heading out to the coop to grab some eggs, stopping by the garden to harvest fresh veggies and coming in to cook. This experience binds me to nature in a very immediate and pleasing way. And the food doesn’t get any fresher or more delicious than this!”

For Tina Annibell’s recipe for a Spring Tartine With Sweet Pea & Avocado Hummus, Eggs and Pickled Onions, click here.