Ms. Michelle, Bayport’s Gluten-Free Gourmet Talks Past, Present and Future


When Michelle and Chris Kelly started baking together, they had no idea that the gluten-free muffins they created in their kitchen and sold at local farmers markets would inspire the business model behind Bayport’s Ms. Michelle’s Urban Gourmet. The gluten-free bakery and café opened its doors in 2011 and has had a very warm welcoming from locals and gluten-free patrons alike.

“We’ve been so fortunate to gain a non gluten-free following as well.” Michelle is proud to admit, “Due to our artisanal high-quality organic product we have slowly gained a following for individuals who want a healthy choice product. With 100 percent all-natural, organic and gluten-free products, those who are looking for the healthy choice do not need to look any further.”

One of the very sweetest chefs I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, Ms. Michelle has a disposition as charming as her quaint shop. The shop, voted Best of Long Island—Best Gluten-Free Menu and Organic Eatery and rated by Delight Gluten-Free Magazine as one of the Best Gluten-Free bakeries in America, serves up organic treats such as muffins, scones, pies, cakes, smoothies, paninis, pizza dough, breads, tartines, wedding cakes and other specialty items. They offer catering, distribute to local restaurants, and their products can be purchased at farmers’ markets.

In fact, this Bayport business has been so high in demand that Michelle and Chris are happy to discuss their current endeavors, and future goals. “Currently we are now focusing our energies on expanding Ms. Michelle’s wholesale distribution locally, regionally and also abroad.” Michelle and Chris are also considering a future move of sorts, “We are looking for our next location and have opened our search to cover a larger portion of Long Island. The new spot will be big enough to have all of the products we currently sell but a larger area for wholesale packaging and distribution and also online sales. Our goal is to increase our space and our current workforce by 150 percent in the next few years.”

Michelle is also currently working on her first cookbook, a chic family-friendly approach to a gluten-free lifestyle, which will include recipes, food shopping strategies and tips on maintaining a fun gluten-free kitchen. “My main concern is assisting adults and teaching children how to cook. We need to get families back into the kitchen together.” Excited, she continues, “I am ambitiously looking to have the book launch by early fall and, with this new adventure, I hope to help create a legacy of wellness for families.”

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