Dining in on Valentine’s Day

cakes in a pastry case

Dining out Valentine’s Day can be a bit overrated. My husband and I stopped going out once my children were born. Trying to find a babysitter for the most romantic night of the year was like putting toothpaste back in a tube. It just wasn’t happening. It left us to improvise and create our own romantic dinner at home. However, since I cook just about every night of the week, the thought of cooking my own Valentine’s dinner didn’t thrill me at all. I needed a night off, so I turned to some eateries in Huntington Village to make my Valentine’s meal special.

There was many a year my husband and I enjoyed a magnificent three-course meal from Culinary Studio on Wall Street. There were several selections to choose from, but more times than not we went with the filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables for our entrée. Other years we feasted on fantastic, fall-off-the-bone osso bucco with mushroom risotto, created for us by Sal Baldanza of Mr. Sausauge on Union Place. Mr. Sausage also offers some amazing homemade, heart-shaped ravioli if you’re in the mood for pasta.

chocolate cakes

Even though my children are older now and we no longer need a babysitter, we still opt to enjoy a quite dinner at home. This year’s pick: steamed lobsters from Jeff’s Seafood in Halesite. We’ll start off with some delicious cheeses from the new Ideal Cheese on Main Street, followed by some pre-shucked oysters from Jeff’s. I’ll pop some baking potatoes into the oven, and we’ll enjoy our seafood feast. For dessert, there is only one choice for me, Fiorello Dolce’s incredibly decadent flourless chocolate cake. It doesn’t get better than that, unless you want pastry chef Gerard Fioravanti’s heart-shaped raspberry mousse cake dipped in Belgian chocolate instead. Pure bliss.