RECIPE: Chocolate and Brown Ale Poundcake

chocolate pumpkin loaf cake with ale glaze

Chocolate and beer, it’s a combination often overlooked in the culinary community. With the advent of awesome New York craft beer, it won’t be overlooked much longer. The rich sweetness of chocolate and the slight bitterness of brown ale complement one another beautifully.

It came upon me one of many snow days this year: I had some great Brooklyn Brown Ale and some canned pumpkin. This may not sound like the recipe for a cake for most, but it does for me! Here’s why: pumpkin puree reduces the fat in the recipe; the chocolate flavor takes over and leaves the cake with a really moist fudge texture. Then you add your beautiful brown ale glaze and you got yourself a beautiful and creative cake with a fraction of the fat!

Enjoy some local ale and eat it too!

Click through to NY Foodgasm for the recipe.