Great South Bay Debuts Devil’s Deeds, a Sour Black Ale

Great South Bay Devil's Deeds beer

Great South Bay Brewery in Bay Shore debuted a small batch special release today, a sour black ale called Devil’s Deeds.

“Devil’s Deeds came off the back of Dirty Deeds,” assistant brewmaster Kevin Ryan, 30, says of the unique brew, which was born from the brewery’s brand new Russian Imperial Stout. “Owner Rick Sobotka has always wanted to name something ‘Dirty Deeds,’ which makes sense with that beer because it’s midnight black — doesn’t get much darker than that.” Devil’s Deeds has the same chocolate and coffee finish as its sire, but it’s tart start is unlike anything Long Islanders are likely used to, says Ryan.

New brews are popping up all over Long Island. Recently we learned about our newest brewery, Barrage, and a new porter, Main Street Mocha Porter from BrickHouse Brewery in Patchogue.

Great South Bay made eight barrels of Devil’s Deeds, which has been kegged and bottled, but is only available at their tasting room.

“We had sugar left over when we were making Dirty Deeds last month,” says Ryan, “so instead of wasting it, we collected it, put it in our boil kettle and left it there over the weekend,” the typical process for making sour stout, which was commonly consumed centuries ago. “We steeped a one pound sack of grain in our wort, which is basically beer before there is any alcohol in it, like tea basically overnight to get the wild yeast and bacteria into the grain husks. That’s where the sourness comes in.” Ryan said he thinks the response to Devil’s Deeds will be positive because of the brew’s balanced acidity.

“It’s nice and sour, but drinkable,” he says of Devil’s Deeds. “It’s easy with this style beer for the acidity to go overboard and end up tasting like nail polish.” Try it before it runs out.