RECIPE: Snow Bunny Cocktail

gin cocktail with snow

The Snow Bunny Cocktail

It’s coming down harder now. It’s not like the New Hampshire hard snow, which is four inches around and covers everything in five minutes. It’s covering everything in a veneer of light and fluffy, as if your favorite down pillow sprung a leak.

My thirst grows with physical activity of the snow. Hauling wood inside makes for a powerful desire to produce something with the abundant snow piling up outside. Perhaps a cocktail?
Pure white and crystalline, the snow grows heavier and heavier, painting the trees in wild dance. The fire licks hungrily at the sides of the fireplace making popping and cracking sounds.

Barr Hill Gin, distilled from raw honey and grain screams out for artisanal vermouth, like Channing Daughters. I mix the late summer and the early spring versions of this expressive wine-based elixir. I like VerVino in adult snow cones made from freshly gathered snow. There should a spicy element as well, a bitter spice and a sweet, yet savory element. The sweet is courtesy of Fruitations cranberry simple syrup from Massachusetts, which offers a mélange of flavor and character taking this drink to another level. Bitters are essential; I use Bittered Sling, from Vancouver, in the grapefruit and hops variety. Perfect.

But one thing is for certain. A sterling silver julep cup is needed to perform this drink. The cup will frost up, making it ever so desirable, wanton, thirsty and very, very thirst quenching.

Snow Bunny Cocktail
2 oz. Barr Hill Gin
½ oz. each: Channing Daughter’s VerVino Variation 4 and Variation 2
1 oz. Fruitations Cranberry Craft Soda and Cocktail Mixer
Exactly six drops of Bittered Sling Grapefruit & Hops Bitters

Fill a Boston Shaker with crushed ice. Add the vermouth, gin and syrup. Close and shake hard for 20 seconds. Fill a sterling silver (or old fashioned glass) with fresh snow. Strain in the vermouth, gin and Fruitations. Add another handful of fresh snow. Add remainder of the cocktail. Finish with fresh snow and exactly six drops of bitters. Angostura works too!
Have more than two and you’ll be sleeping in the snow!